It's been a long time and the world as I knew it has long expired. In four years, the world has exchanged most tangible, time-consuming practices for instantaneous, rapid-fire methodologies of communication and interaction. I’ve inherited more debt at the brink of an economic meltdown, more doubt at a time of cultural insecurity, and more denial at the heart of historical repetition. All these events unfolding simultaneously point to some sort of impending doomsday scenario, sans the fire and brimstone. It coulnd’t be less obvious, except for the inequality still persists, spearing progress in the face.

Even with the good dosage of cynicism I’ve ingested, hope still remains. These last fours years have been a crash course on living. While life sucks, living has prompted me to continue onwards with curiosity, intelligence and resilience. With the help of many, I’ve learned to appreciate baseball with its miracles. I’ve learned to ride a bicycle with a little more confidence. I’ve learned to thwart procrastination with passion and patience. And I’ve learned to create during inevitable slumps.

Of course, I never discount the fact that I’m incredibly lucky.While I’ve graduated with my BFA, the powers that be graciously presented me $10,000 towards studying a fifth year at the Museum School. Just like that, I got myself a little more time to piece together the puzzle of living.

In time, I hope to have reflect all this, and more. Mabye it already does. Either way, you may view a preview of the [new] and a review of the [old]. Everything (except maybe [MS Paint]) will be receiving a makeover. But, it starts with one small update at a time.

All best,