Xavier :: xavier is the physical maifestation of the handling of the 'soul' on a daily basis by the public. like, we as people live on a day to day basis, and all these outside elements touch us_ whether it's the people on the bus, the familiar strangers in the hallways, the men in suits or the bums in front of walgreens...they all leave something with us at the end of the day. a thought, a feeling, something abstract and usually long forgotten...but xavier's a little different. he evolves with his impressions. >>> view work

Microsoft Paint :: The MS Paint project was first conceived as an entertaining challenge to undertake: creating elaborate, dynamic images using only the tools available in Microsoft Paint. >>> view work

Bob :: Bob's about your age (in human years), likes to have fun, is picked on a lot, and went out to find the world...and himself. He's also an inflatable pikachu armed with my digital camera. >>> view work

Misc :: collage, type and everything nice. >>> view work