Story two: falling all the time
My mom told me stories all the time after she scolded me, to show me how much trouble I was and how much she loved me regardless. She told me that when they held my month year old celebration, they took me to this restaurant in Chinatown. I slept inside a carrier, and my mom put the carrier on the table edge. Somehow, perhaps the carrier was unstable, or I stirred…somehow, I fell. It happened like in the movies where everyone turned to look as I fell. Nothing serious happened (so I like to think), but my mom said everyone inside the restaurant gave me red envelops…$3000 worth. Of course, a baby cannot control her earnings and I never saw that money.

I fell a lot. I fell down an escalator at the age of two, and I fell every time I tried to walk. But I kept trying to defy gravity; I knew one of these days …

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