kidtek101: i'm doing paint graphic design
Tenshi no Miraju: paint graphic design?
kidtek101: yeah
kidtek101: i don't have photoshop anymore remember?
kidtek101: hold on
kidtek101: check it
Tenshi no Miraju: OH! paint!
kidtek101 wants to send file ikohip.jpg.
Tenshi no Miraju: paint rocks.
Tenshi no Miraju received C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\download\tenshinomiraju\ikohip.jpg.
kidtek101: and i've been writing reset alot
kidtek101: and i made it into a graphic palindrome
Tenshi no Miraju: ahh
Tenshi no Miraju: really?
kidtek101: yeah
kidtek101: i did it super lofi
kidtek101: just now
Tenshi no Miraju: i need an excuse to use paint more often




kidtek101: well!
kidtek101: uninstall paint
kidtek101: and all your hifi progs
kidtek101: and see what you can do
kidtek101: ...misha would be proud
Tenshi no Miraju: *chuckles* i should do that.
Tenshi no Miraju: i would stay up really late and open up paint, and start doing things_ then print it out, put paint, scan, and add more.
kidtek101: yes
kidtek101: that's it
kidtek101: !
kidtek101: we do a paint project
kidtek101: except...have really nice photographs
kidtek101: and maybe...nice typography too
kidtek101: but all other graphics and layout...
kidtek101: is basically
kidtek101: paint!
kidtek101: how does that sound for a summer internet project?
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