- - - - - - documents [reflection: on the house of blues incident]

it all began outside the house of blues, on a muggy evening marked by gray clouds. culture spies on assignment began to infiltrate the line waiting outside for the concert that evening, passing out stickers and photographing when given permission to. most of them nervously laughed and agreed, so we snapped away...well, my shyness almost got the best of me. i snapped out of it soon enough. but then, the security gave us a hard time...they summoned the manager and he pulled me over to interrogate…

manager: who are you with and why are you taking photos of my customers?
me: what?
manager: i said who are you with and why!?

i panicked and directed him to mr. steve for answers. soon, a confrontation with mr. steve and the manager occurred. the manager went on a tangent about owning the public sidewalk and harassing the customers. i wanted to punch the jerk in the face, but we walked away to avoid the lawsuit and various negative connotations associated with lawsuits. the class walked back to HQ, and i spent most of the time deep in thought (although bobby poked fun at me for it). my mind replayed the episode of the practice i watched last week (“free speech zones?! this whole country should be a free speech zone!”); and then inspiration for my argument paper finally came…but it ’s way too late.

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