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> From: "vee" <starfruit@reset-reality.net>
> Date: February 5, 2004 9:57:44 PM CST
> To: culturespy@sbcglobal.net <culturespy@sbcglobal.net>
> Subject: some findings regarding the store and whatnot
> hi. am not recalling your other e-mail, so i took this one off the
> link sheet you gave us last week.
> i told all my friends (and teachers at gallery, and co-
> workers...go "loudmouth" of mine) about culturespy, i tagged a few
> places...what have you. one of my friends wanted a store, and i told
> him about it tonight, which resulted in the following...
> iko: i dunno...the whole premise seems kinda wrong for some reason
> vee: you think so?
> iko: not of the site
> vee: *falls* we're working on that
> vee: it was created not too long ago so uhh
> iko: but of the shirts...it's kinda contradictory. like... the anti-
> corporation clothing line
> vee: ahh
> vee: maybe we're spoonfeeding the idea back to the corporations...
> iko: yeah
> iko: that's a way to put it
> iko: i'm not hating upon it, because art costs money...and this is a
> way to make it
> vee: yess, that is does
> iko: but the site's basically saying that being branded and molded by
> companies ie clothing,videogames etc is wrong, but on the other hand
> they're utilizing the same principles companies use to do that. Like
> if you're trying to say violence is wrong, are u still just if u do it
> by punching the ones you're trying to convince in theface?
> vee: hmm
> vee: i dunno..
> vee: i don't really see it as a clothing line though.. *squints*
> iko: merely cloth billboards?
> vee: perhaps
> vee: because if you take away the image, it'd be ya normal white
> tshirt i hope
> iko: lol
> iko: that's what should be sold
> iko: plain white t-shirts
> iko: with a tiny graphic
> iko: in the corner
> vee: lol
> iko: that would be the biggest slap in the face to corporations
> iko: it would be graphically brilliant
> iko: seriously
> iko: it's different
> vee: that it is
> vee: i think the first thing that came to mind when you said it was a
> tiny exclaimation point on a white tshirt somewhere lol
> iko: that would be cool too
> iko: hyperminimalist
> vee: whoosh
> iko: you mean 'swoosh'
> just some thoughts to chew on.

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